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Love Week: Bending The Rules For Love by @nom2

@nom2 Finds @[[ChOl0][FGO]

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Internet love seems to spread worldwide like virus*. I often see young people type in “need bf/gf” in at Parks and room events. Most of them are not serious about it, but some do find true love through it. Take me and Cholo (Pico ID: ♠»ßôŠž@[ChOLo]), for example. I would like you to consider our story; one of the fairytales of love found while surfing the internet (particularly in Ameba Pico).

I was on my fifth month of  a “No Boyfriend Contract” for a year that I made with God. Cholo was brokenhearted and searching for love.

@nom2 Finds @[[ChOl0][FGO]It was summer break and I was looking for things to do and so I joined Ameba Pico. I used to just add random people as my Buddies and many bombarded me with whispers. Some were looking for friendship, others for a girlfriend. Most of the time I ignored or removed them.

Cholo was one of those random buddies.

One day I had a question about the buttons in my pet's profiles, so I asked him “How many buttons does your panda have?” not knowing he used to be my buddy. I didn’t know that he already had "eyes" for me. After I asked him my pet question he didn’t waste the chance to talk to me and be friends.

Cholo and I talked about anything and everything from that day forward and I started to like him. He’s a gentleman and he’s sweet. He would contact me and make hanging out with me his priority, putting other things on the backburner. Cholo even said he would wait for my "No Boyfriend Contract" to be over and wanted to join in. He just wanted to stay around and spend time with me as friends.

After a few weeks, I started to feel strange about him; I was getting used to him and thought I was falling for him. So I had to make a choice between my contract with God and my love for him. I asked him for "time-out" - no conversation for a week - so I could make up my mind.

For days, I prayed and asked God for answers. Then I thought I should share the real love I knew from Him and be a blessing to other people. Soon, I found myself confessing to Cholo that I couldn’t take it, and I don’t want to lose him. I took a risk ... and now, I am glad I did.

@nom2 Finds @[[ChOl0][FGO]@nom2 Finds @[[ChOl0][FGO]

Five months has passed and our love is stronger than ever.

This past Christmas was so special for both of us. We met for the first time in person! Cholo and I introduced one another to our families and we took lots of pictures. For Christmas he and I walked hand in hand and hugged each other tight.

This February, we’ll be on our seventh month together, and everyday of it I am thankful that I gave love a chance. It doesn’t matter where you find love -  it may it be in a cafeteria or on the internet - as long as it is blessed by God, has lots of love, respect and effort, it will work.

I am happy to find true love with Cholo, and I don’t care if anybody raises his eyebrows for this, because I know in my heart that I found it and I’ll be keeping it for years to come.

Photo Credits: Photographers - @nom2 (#1, #2, #3) and ♠»ßôŠž@[ChOLo] (#4)

* According to a 2010 information/statistics release by, 1 in 5 couples meets on an online dating site.

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  1. This is such a sweet story! It's amazing because I found love and a best friend through the Japanese version Pigg! It was totally unexpected!

    Your story is really amazing, touching and very special. I wish the both of you good luck! Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Totally agree with Ten.Ten. This is the sweetest story I have ever heard from this virtual world. They're so kind, so nice and their story really makes my day!