Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Love Week: Pico Globe Trekker by ten.ten.

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Hi, everyone! I'm ten.ten. and I’ve been a citizen of Pico for around 7 months. Despite the fact that Gacha often leaves me Gummie-less and Premium Gacha has little no mercy on my Pico wallet, I have found many things to love about Pico!

I'm from a fairly small city and even though I'm usually shy, Pico has allowed me the opportunity to meet friends from around the globe. The diversity and friendliness found on Pico is amazing! It can be 3 o'clock in the morning and there will be someone online who is ready to make a friend!

I have had the chance to meet Picos from Japan, Mexico, Sweden and even Saudi Arabia! Being a language buff I've also been able to try out my Japanese and even learn a few words of Italian!

There are many ways to make friends in Pico. Hosting events, attending events, and taking a stroll through the various Pico Parks/Communities are a few. I must say that eye-catching outfits and pets are great ice breakers as they've led me to many great personalities!

Having a Pico buddy doubles the fun and has me coming back daily for the chance at meeting someone from halfway around the world! Extend a hand and there will most likely be someone there to meet you halfway. Not to mention making friends are FREE - Ha! Take that Gacha!

Photo Credits: Photographer - ten.ten.
Pictured in photos - ten.ten., Sessy Samurai, FrostyCupCake, Kyle Dela, rex_A, Ren.Ren., ♡Komachi♡, ★*Dai*★

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  1. Thank you so much once again for the opportunity to participate in love week ^_^! I'm having a lot of fun reading the LW articles! I hope you don't mind that I linked and mention (Picostyle & love week) on my blog~!


  2. Thank you for agreeing, ten.ten., and for taking the time to write and send us something to share with our readers. Hope your Valentine's Day is a fun one. :-)