Saturday, February 12, 2011

Love Week: Love Note by Nisha

This week, we asked you, our readers, to send in your Love Notes, telling us what you love about Pico. We received 5 notes; thank you to those who sent in their photos and submissions.

Our third note is by Nisha, who enjoys coming home to surprises.

Love Week: Love Note by Nisha

What I love most about my Pico life is when I log in and - viola! - there's food someone left for me in my room. Sometimes it is a door to a ton of questions: 'Who left that lollipop on my table?', 'Was it someone on my Buddies list?', 'Was it a secret admirer?', 'DID HAPPY OLIVER COME INTO MY ROOM?!'. Some things I'll just never know. Oh Ameba, you have such wonderful mysteries.

P.S. To whoever left 3 of those heart lollipops on my furniture: thank you very much.

Photo Credit: Photographer - Nisha

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