Saturday, February 12, 2011

Love Week: Love Note by Jean Royal

This week, we asked you, our readers, to send in your Love Notes, telling us what you love about Pico. We received 5 notes; thank you to those who sent in their photos and submissions.

Our second note is from Jean Royal, writer for Pico Life who is no stranger to submitting his thoughts to Picostyle. It's apparent that Jean is a shopaholic. Are you the same?

What I love in Pico is the variety of purchasable "stuff". I am sure almost all Picos have shopped until they dropped ... and ... why? Because everyone wants to spice up their look with unique items!

It's such a horrible thing to still be a Newbie and not have enough Gummies, Tokens or AmebaGold to buy clothes. I think 90% of the first 1,000 Gummies most people use first are used to buy clothes (in my case it's 100%).

Every item has different colors. It's totally impossible to find Picos wearing the same outfits (unless it's done on purpose).

I check everyday in hopes to wear the first brand name T-shirt or color trainers.

It's very unlikely that anyone can save up to 20,000 Gummies without spending ANY!

Trying not to buy furniture or color blocks is the same story. I actually tried to count the number of color blocks (not including special time travel-them blocks) and I counted more than 150 different blocks! I remember when I started Pico in November 2010 and there were only square and triangle blocks! Now we have the round, round edged, pyramid, clear, with flowers

I think it's great that each week - sometimes every day - new clothes and accessories, blocks and furniture are released. Shouldn't we all be grateful? Well, I am.

Another good thing to consider is that we have Quests. I don't know if Pigg has Quests yet, but were we were definitely the first to get them. I hope there's a new Quest in the plans so that we get rewarded with hot items. :D

Pico has now become (almost) as fun as Pigg and we should all give a round of applause to Ameba!

Photo Credit: Photographer - Jean Royal

» Visit Jean Royal's blog: Pico Life

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