Saturday, February 12, 2011

Love Week: Love Note by Caмbria

This week, we asked you, our readers, to send in your Love Notes, telling us what you love about Pico. We received 5 notes; thank you to those who sent in their photos and submissions.

Our first note is by Caмbria, one of the writers from Blogout sent in her informative and humorous thoughts.

Love Week: Love Note by Caмbria

It's February, a love month. This season we celebrate romance with our loved ones, friends and even with our family. We go out, eat, watch films, visit romantic places, drink, dance - you name it - and, of course, to share the fun, we take photos.

In real life, we share our photos by uploading it on a social networking site, tag friends, post on walls and done. Here in Ameba Pico, photos aren't just being shared to your friends, we can share it to everyone who likes the game and we can even enter our photos to a contest.

That's what I love about being a Pico, we get a chance to show off our playful yet creative minds to everyone in a cute and virtual way.

Since the developers of Ameba Pico are currently having a "Romantic Valentine's Day Photo Contest", why not stretch your Ameba Pico experience. Don't think twice. Jump at the chance to express yourselves by entering.

Sound's easy right? But it's not as easy as it seems. For the contest judges to notice your photo you have to be unique and original. You have to show extraordinary concepts, perfect photography angle and clear shots. You have to find perfect timing and areas for your photos. You don't want other Picos to be your photo background. Take a look above at animated Photo #2 of some Picos who had a tough time taking their perfect shots.

See? It's not that easy. But if you push through with your determination, you'll make it. Just keep the faith, be patient and work hard. Just think of the prize. You might be in the first 10 and get the initial 500 AG plus an afro wig prize ... and you'll have the chance to win more if you'll make it to the final screening! Sounds cool, right?

So what are you waiting for? Get that creativity out of yourselves. Submit your entries and "break a leg"! :)

Good luck and have a creative Pico life!

Photo Credit: Photographer - Caмbria

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  1. thank you so much picostyle!! <3

  2. Thanks for sending in your Love Note, Caмbria. Very much appreciated.