Saturday, December 4, 2010

Boys! You too, can look cute!


James On Pico is a fun Pico blog I enjoy reading. This particular blogpost made me smile!

You guys should read it!


  1. Thank you Peggy. I woudn't thought it would be like this.

    Just inspired by Pinkerton to do this post...

  2. this post written by JUSUN, not ღ Ĵαмɛƨヅ ღº
    ↑ check this URL.

  3. Thanks so much for the link, Mia. I noticed that James gets "inspired" by certain blog posts (like my Apicolypse update) and tends to copy some things while adding his own spin on it. With that one, though, I wouldn't have even known if I didn't see the name Jusun in one of the pictures.

  4. yw:)

    as you know, james reffered your name
    and said he got inspired from your post.
    whatever, i never mind abt that but that's
    the reason why i left a msg here:P

    i also appreciated your "FAST comment"
    and kindness.

  5. Mia, I'm so very sorry. I just had edited the post.

    And also Pinkerton, I have just a kinda like of copy and paste...

    Hope you will forgive me.