Tuesday, November 2, 2010

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Help Us Improve Pico with this Survey

Over the past few months it has seemed - to me at least - that the developers of Pico are sleeping. Do they really know what their players want?

Surprisingly, I logged on yesterday to find that Pico has harnessed the power of Google form surveys. And they want to know what we think! It nearly took my breath away.

When you log into Pico, click on the line of text in your Information menu that I have highlighted in the photo above in blue.

[2010/01/02 Edit: Since yesterday, the link to the survey on the Information menu has been removed. Click here to go to the survey]

Would you like to share what you'd like to see changed or added in Pico? Please comment below and share your thoughts with us.

Finally some of our Rant Week peeves put to good use. The Picostyle team shares their Pico wish lists with you ...

(In reverse alphabeical order)

Pinkerton's wish list:
  • More varied/diverse areas that are not directly pulled from or influenced by any areas already on Pigg. I wouldn't mind seeing Pigg's fishing mini-game implemented into Pico since it would be a fantastic way to pass the time, but otherwise I'm yearning for some really unique locations that will completely separate Pico from its counterpart. See http://tinyurl.com/29sgldc as an overview of some great ideas for new rooms.
  • A "trading system" of sorts in which players would be able to trade (or simply give) items that they no longer want to other people who might need/want them. An example: many times when people play Gacha, they win the same items over and over yet they end up recycling them because they already have that object. It would be a better experience in general to trade those items with your friends rather than deleting them. The trading system idea seemed to be the most popular suggestion when I asked around regarding what other people suggested.
  • An easier way to earn gold that doesn't involve constantly paying for it or completing sketchy offers. Suggested alternatives:
    • certain tasks within the game (ring "x" amount of people, prop "x" amount of people, etc.) which reward you with a set amount of gold ... similar to the star book which gives you Gummies after completing tasks.
    • the ability to convert gummies into gold (i.e., 1000 gummies = 100 gold).
Peggy's wish list:
  • Age requirement of 16+ to register and play
  • At least the same closet space as Pigg which is 500 items total (ours is only 300)
  • Hello Kitty items
  • Food items to DISPLAY (that can not be eaten by room guests) like in Pigg
  • Group chat option
  • Let us choose who can enter our rooms that's more selective than what they currently have listed
  • The ability to exchange items with other Picos
  • Facebook gifts available for us (non-Facebook users) to buy with Gummies for cheap (seeing others get it for free)
  • A better camera for snapshots? The current one takes such small photos DX It would be nice if the camera offered two photo size options (big & small).
Catero's wish list:
  • Remove 'Warp to Buddy' or require it to be approved. For example, if a friend clicks the button to warp to me, I receive a notification that says the person wants to warp to me and asks me to Accept or Deny.
  • Ability to trade/exchange or give items to other Picos
  • A game card (that can be purchased at Supernarkets, pharmacies, gas stations, etc), like Club Penguin, Farmville
  • More hair (non-natural colours like green, blue, pink), eyes, nose, mouth choices. More skin colours (non-natural colours like green, blue, pink)
  • Introduce non-Asian rooms with themed clothing/furniture/accessories; examples, see: http://tinyurl.com/29sgldc
  • Bring over fishing game, ice skating rink fun rooms from Pigg
  • Bring over Hello Kitty and BAPE products from Pigg
  • Have user blogs that come with each account, like in Pigg (example: http://ameblo.jp/misamisa0818)
  • Have a Report User Abuse link or button in each user's profile. When you click on someone, just as you see a link to request them as a buddy or hide their chat, provide a way to instantly report someone. Many people don't know
  • Remove the annoying pop-up ads in Pico
  • Have more diversity in the product models on the official Pico blog; see http://tinyurl.com/2c7bmvg
  • Let users play or stream music (from the internet) in their rooms
Ayuhime's wishlist:
  • Expand the closet capacity from 300 (I am starting to reach that capacity ... EEK!)
  • Ability to trade items with Pico friends such as clothing and furniture


  1. I forgot to mention the fishing game and trading!
    But I wished for the price of gold items to be lowered, I think like 200 for an action can be a little too much
    and also mentioned Pigg items, expecially the Sanrio ones
    Plus more campaigns like sales etc as Pigg have them quite a bit

  2. I just want a bigger closet. I'm getting scared now.

  3. I love the fishing and the skating rink.
    Anyways, 10,000 Gummies = 100 AmebaGold
    ( From the room expansion)
    I would like to turn gold into gummies rather the other way round. Blocks... blocks... blocks...

  4. Oh, I just thought of 2 more things!
    1. Have a price in Gummies and a price in Ameba Gold for all items. It's irked me a little bit that you can't purchase all items with both.
    2. Have special items you can receive on your smart phone with cell phone bar code reading ... just like Pigg!

  5. they already have a game card you can use. It's the Ultimate Game card, you can use that to purchase ameba gold. I've seen them at wal-mart and other places.

  6. :o just saying... ik that younger than 13+ shouldn't be allowed to play.. but do u REALLY think it should be 16+? I'm sure there are a lot of 13-15 year olds playing pico who enjoy it, and dont want to lie about their age.

  7. I understand that there are 13-15+ year olds wanting to play Pico but I do have concerns with 13-17 year olds running around Pico with adults that are sometimes even 40+. The Japanese version of Pico, Pigg actually has an age requirement of 18+ I believe. I was kind of skimping asking for an age requirement of AT LEAST 16+. It really bothers me seeing little kids run around asking for boyfriends and girlfriends and them possibly getting involved with someone much older and possibly dangerous.

    I know there are mature 13-15 year olds out there but on the same note there are not so mature ones. So to keep everyone safe I do strongly feel that there should be an age requirement.


  8. Anonymous #2, I can't speak for Peggy, but, yeah, *I* would prefer if the age requirement was 16+ or 18+. Some of the younger Pico players are already lying about their age if they use the Ameba Pico Facebook app and/or if they play the casino games in Pico - both of which have an 18+ age requirement.