Sunday, October 17, 2010

Halloween trick on Peggy

Pigg - Sanrio shop

Pigg - Sanrio shop merchantPeggy mentioned to me today that she wished she could dress up like Hello Kitty for Halloween in Pico. That's her dream.

If Peggy could speak Japanese I'm sure that dream would have come true already, since there is a Sanrio shop in Pigg that sells Hello Kitty clothing, room furnishings and accessories.

She would overdose on Hello Kitty stuff.

I wonder if she would like to dress up as the Sanrio shop merchant in Pigg.

Just to torture her a little, I'm posting photos of the Sanrio shop in Pigg and all of the items available for purchase.

As soon as she sees this she is going to go, "Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh".

Maybe someday Hello Kitty will show up in Pico, Peggy. Someday.

Pigg - Sanrio shop items


  1. WOW!!! It would be great if they would bring us Hello Kitty to Pico PRONTO!!!! I bet Prggy Hill will look very beautiful in a Hello Kitty outfit... LoVe YoU GuYs <3

  2. Waaaaahhhhh!!!! I WANT IT ALL---------