Monday, November 1, 2010

New items and other things ♪

Well Halloween is (almost) over, but Ameba hasn't stopped with putting out new items to torture me to keep everyone happy.
If you haven't noticed already, there are new football and cheer leading clothes and actions! You can find them in the high school gym when you speak to Coach McCallister or head over to the new Football Field in the park area!

Yay! Here are the items for both men and women. Surprisingly, many of the items are available for token. Woop! That should be relieving for those who have been feeling excluded lately from gold exclusive items.

Don't those look great? Don't worry if you can't afford the outfits. Cheering in a kimono looks really cute! See? Me and my friend Alice★Terrorist (アリス★VRテロリスト) were practicing our cheer routine with our friend Ayuboy (あゆボイ 「AYUBOY 」) as a coach, when someone mysterious showed up....

Isn't he frightening!? Alice and I were both a little scared, but Ayuboy was brave. He confronted his Pico, whose username is ASSHOL E. Sorry kids, I'm just reporting his name! But really, all he wanted was to dance! This Pico is very nice, despite his offensive username. We all ended up chatting in broken English (he is Japanese) and dancing together. It shows that you can't make judgments based on looks! (hint hint to all you people to host "hot or not" parties!)

Oh! And one last thing! Did everyone notice that Ameba has put out a survey? It was only available for one day it seems... I hope you got to put in your opinion!
For me, I submitted that I think they should expand the closet capacity from 300... per Peggy's gripe because I am starting to reach that capacity myself... EEK! I also mentioned that I really wanted to be able to trade items with Pico friends such as clothing and furniture. Hopefully they will listen to me!

What did you put for suggestions? I'd really like to know!

PS: I'd like to say HI to ICEonFire! He is a fan who wrote to me to say that he reads our blog EVERY DAY! Yay!!

Lots of love,
Ayuhime xoxoxo