Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hagu, Fall & The Ora-Bora and Peggy Hill Love Connection.

Hagu. Hagu. Hagu.
Ora18 & Peggy @ Hagu's room.

Halloween is over but for those who will mourn it's passing, you can visit Hagu's room because this lovely lady is keeping it alive for us in her second room. She continues to be one of my favorite interior designers in Pico. The few Halloween items cleverly set out on display on the bold green checkered floor warms my heart!

Speaking of heart warmers, Fall, at least for me (maybe I'm biased because it's my favorite season), is the season for love. I know most of you will argue it's Spring that brings out all the love bugs and such... but you all know I'm right! Hot chocolate, getting tangled in winter scarves, getting fat together as you stuff yourselves silly... C'mon! Feel ittt----- feel the loveeee!

This being MY season of love, I thought I'd give a shout out to one of my favorite young ladies in Pico, Miss Ora18. Ora-Bora... you're the sweetest. -Sigh- I'm such a fangirl for Fall and there's only a few more weeks of it. I purposely left out pictures of Hagu's first room because I want you to GO VISIT IT. I secretly think that Hagu is also a fan of my favorite season, want proof? Visit Hagu's room :P

I'll leave you guys with a song and my over zealous anticipation of Ameba Pico's November 4th Scheduled Server Maintenance... they are asking me to, "Please wait with anticipation." Ameba, I'm over zealously waiting in anticipation... don't disappoint. -whispers- Hello Kitty...

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