Thursday, May 6, 2010

How-to: Make Elevator Stairs.

[EDIT: Tuesday, October 12, 2010] Dear Readers, Peggy has become overwhelmed with emails, comments, and room posts and letters asking her to do one-on-one help to build one-on-one help. Read the tutorial carefully and follow the steps. Peggy will no longer be providing one-on-one help for any circumstances. Emails, comments, room posts or letters asking for her help will be ignored.

Thank you.

- The Management

I finally learned how to make elevator stairs, the stairs where your blocks are just stacked on top of each other. Turns out it's easy peasy anyone can do it!

Elevator Stairs.

My friend John wanted to learn how to make them... so while I was showing him how to do it, I thought it might be helpful if I just took snaps of the process and blog it so you guys can learn too!

You'll Need:

2 Big Blocks
7 Small Blocks

Elevator Stairs.
1. Using one big block stack all seven smaller blocks evenly apart in the far right back corner (this is the ONLY place you can make elevator stairs on the first floor!). Then place the two big blocks in between the top three smaller blocks as shown above.

Elevator Stairs.
2. Move the two big blocks out of the way into the far left back corner. You'll need those two blocks later.

Elevator Stairs. Elevator Stairs.
3. Click on the 2nd from the bottom block (blue block) then, using your keyboard hit right arrow then down arrow this will stack the 2nd block on the 1st! Repeat this step til all seven blocks are stacked on top of each other (right arrow, down arrow, right arrow, down arrow, etc.).

Elevator Stairs.
4. Now the two big blocks that I had you move out of the way are the blocks you will use to build your 2nd floor. Move the lower big block (red block) somewhere you can stack blocks on top of it. Take out two big blocks and stack them on top of the red block then put your red block back into your inventory.

Elevator Stairs.
The yellow block is now your base block, the orange block stacked on top of it is level with your stairs. So if you have big blocks you want to hide behind the smaller blocks for your 2nd floor this is how you do it :D

Elevator Stairs.
5. The brown block is the one you stack the smaller blocks onto to make your 2nd floor using small blocks.

Elevator Stairs.
6. That's it! Using whatever blocks you have you can stack them accordingly onto the right sized leveled bigger block to make your floor. You must leave a small opening so you can climb up.

I hope that was helpful! If you have questions please ask <3

PS: Thank you Tommy for show me how to do this!