Wednesday, October 13, 2010

University vs. Pico Woes

Yeah, that's me right now; on campus, holding my head, with a concerned look on my face. Probably wearing similar clothing too. You see, I'm a senior university student, and it's taken over my life.

I can't think of anything to blog about. I feel awful. Right now I'm the most BORING blogger!

I don't even have my own "thing" that I blog about. I mean, Pinkerton features new things, Peggy does Pico cribs... but me, I have nothing. My brain is totally fried ...

I don't even get to play Pico as much as I'd like to. Instead, I'm stuck doing assignments.


But my blogger and Pico buddies have kept me afloat. Even when I'm sleeping in class. Huhuhuhuhu~ UM I MEAN WHEN I'M GIVING UNDIVIDED ATTENTION TO THE PROFESSOR! >____>

So what do you think your lovely Ayuhime should feature? I don't just want to talk about myself all of the time ... I want to talk about you! How do you like these ideas?
  • Pico gossip (weird or random user conversations :P)
  • Things that ruin Pico for the rest of us (scams, con-artists, bullies)
  • Interior design tutorials and suggestions
Let me know what you think! The blog can only continue when it has fans like you :)


P.S. I just remembered that I have to finish the "Get to know your bloggers!" feature!


  1. As your undisputed biggest fan, I think you should write about anything your heart desires. All of those are great ideas! And I know as someone who is interior design challenged, some tips and tricks would help me out a lot.

  2. INTERIOR DESIGN cause you rock at ittttt <3 But my lil girl squeeees for pico gossip as well ;x

  3. Haha aww guys :3 Thanks so much!!

  4. Like Catero said.... anything that comes from your heart will be GREAT :D

  5. Orange muffins XD? Lol jk. Um... idk?

  6. I like both gossip and tutorials. I think those would be awesome.

    On another note, I TOTALLY feel your pain! I'm only a junior in college, but I'm a science major, so I'm murdering my brain with Microbiology, and all kinds of other things that are horribly creativity killing. ;[

  7. I think you should do the interior design tutorials, but also some of those Pico cons. I can't stand all of those scamming events - Especially the "Free Pets" ones. :/