Sunday, September 26, 2010

Snuggle, Snuggle.

Hello hello! Gembear is currently on the move and working the streets of RL so I thought I'd fill the void for a little while. Don't worry Sunday Funnies will be back soon!


Anywho, do you guys remember the entry I wrote about James being a snuggler? If you don't you can read it here...

Since writing this entry, I've gotten a lot of feedback from friends about their own pets' snuggling habits. Most tell me that their pets will not snuggle them on their own but while hanging out with my friend Mako, he went afk and his pet climbed up onto his lap! This is the first time I've ever witnessed another Pico's pet doing this and out of curiosity I checked his pup's personality traits and I think I've figured it out.

Remember this is just a hypothesis but I think "Obedient" and "Pampered" pets are more likely to snuggle their owners of their own free will than pets with other character traits. Lemme know if I'm completely off base! But check out this epic cuteness!!

snuggle. snuggle.

Want an independent snuggler? Test out my hypothesis and purchase an obedient or pampered pet. Wanna super snuggler?! Get a pet that has both character traits!



  1. I've got a timid/energetic panda who does this too, but my other two won't go near my afk pico. They have social/mischievous, and social/greedy traits, which is probably why they tend to wander away to visit other people when I travel around Pico.


  2. hehe this was posted on my birthday :3