Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ora Bora and Pico Transformations

Hello my beloved Pico residents! I would like to introduce you to my little friend "Ora Bora". Ora18, suggested that I write about Pico transformations and I thought that it was such a brilliant idea that I wanted her to do it. So please enjoy this entry written by the lovely Ora18. — Peggy Hill

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Hey Picostyle readers!

I just know this is going to come as a surprise but get this: this is the post I have written for Picostyle about Pico life and the AMAZING, FEROCIOUS, SMARTICULOUS writers for the blog that I have come to know.


Have you guys noticed that some Picos change way too often? Yes? No? Maybe?! Well, me and Pegg Leg (that’s my nickname for Peggy, she calls me Ora Bora :3) notice that even we change a bit too much.

In the beginning of my Pico life I had short-short brown hair and really shiny blue eyes. Then I had long, flowy purple hair for about 4 weeks. Then came the dark brown hair pinned up in a bun. Then short, flowy hair that I kept for 1 or 2 weeks.

Now, I have that “Jesus” style hair. It’s blond and I have nice bangs and green eyes.

As for Peggy, I can’t keep up with all of her changes. When I first met her, she had the side-pony, tannish skin, and bright neon pink lips. Then I learned she had an obsession with always changing her appearance … and it rubbed off on me. I started to follow that track too! Almost EVERY time I saw her, she had a brand-new hair cut!

Adam L. James. Fashion.

Now, Catero, I don't even remember him changing - he's always been the same! Good luck not getting caught in the time warp Cat!

Sabraa Peggy's Puppy Love (it's a bit eerie) Spaces: KI3** (LG)

Good old Pinky … he’s had a little change! From short, boyish hair he went on to a longish cut, which I think is well suited for his Pinkerton attitude! Happy Late Bifday, bud! :3 YOTSUBA-POWER (Japanese translation: “yotsuba” means clover in English -- DUH xD)!!!


As far as I know, sweet_mom has NEVER had a change. She's always been as pretty as ever. <3

Gemmy (my Gem Rock), WTF! She is always changing! Probably the first time I met her she had a blond bun with styled bangs. Then she transformed into what I call a dark Poison Ivy look. Now, at least looking she’s sporting an Edo wiggie! :9

Pico Cribs 69 Gembear

Note: Pictures of Ora18 and Sweet_Mom will be posted later ... slight processing delay!


  1. Thanks Peachie!
    BTW.... Picosylers: Wonderful job! more than I expected it to be... GREATOLICIOUS job... wonderful! <333333333333333

  2. Thanks so much Milk! I haven't talked to you in a WHILE everytime you're on... you're AFK.