Monday, September 27, 2010

Pico Cribs #18

Pico Cribs Pico Cribs
♨カリプソ・カフェー♨'s Room.

Food and big haired girls! What more can you ask for?! This week's Pico Cribs makes me hungry and warm and fuzzy at the same time. It even made me forget for a minute that I'm uber sick which is really something! ♨カリプソ・カフェー♨'s Play With Your Food Park is making it hard for me to stick with my diet. Do you see this yumminess?! Cake, sushi, burgersssssss <3 OMNOMNOMNOM!

She has even made sure that while you're stuffing your face you have company to revive you from that foreseen food coma. Pinkerton is half way there... Don't eat the whole cake, leave some for me! Anywho, stop by ♨カリプソ・カフェー♨'s room and check out her two other rooms! Yes, that's right, Peggy is leaving you with a Pico Cribs teaser... are the other two rooms as amazing as the Play With Your Food Park?! There's only one way to find out :P


  1. It's Calipso Cafe ! カリプソ・カフェー

  2. I love when people make sushi out of blocks! XD

  3. Thank You so much for featuring my house!!! ^_^

  4. .hahaha.nice crib you got there.i love the sushi block. XD