Friday, September 10, 2010

Profiles #16

(1) It's obvious that heart of pain and To much sadnes are the same dude ... who seems really committed to the emo mime fashion trend (if there is such a thing).

Though you seem to have been prematurely ripped from the pages of the Gashlycrumb Tinies, there's no doubt you can and will find your perfect match. Don't despair. craigslist exists for a reason. If/when you're legal, post or answer one of the personal classifieds.

The ad you will respond to will look somewhat like this:

Plain Jane, 22, with eyes like black holes looking for ennui-stricken male for long-term, unfulfilling dating relationship. Must be into Weezer, knowledgeable about everything yet passionate about nothing and live a monochromatic lifestyle. Send photos of your apathetic face.

(As an aside, Peggy wants to make you into plushies and snuggle your pain away.)
Profiles #16

(2) We're wondering if this is a reverse psychology trick. You're not really wanted by anyone but by advertising that you are will be enough to convince other people that you are. BANG! You'll suddenly have other Picos clamoring for your attention and thinking you're interesting.

Clever ... but we're on to you. Actually, we're not. We haven't even noticed you at all. You're an insignificant wisp that's not even on our radar. Never even heard of you. Sanji who?

(3) In today's age of media saturation one thousand eyes simply isn't enough. We think you'll need at least one million eyes.

Sadly, with the internet and all this cyber space stuff - FarmVille and whatnot - even these eyes will be majorly ocupado.

Stupid jealousy.

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  1. Hi! I think profile#2's supposed to be a pico version of one of the characters in the anime One Piece XD (picture:

    I've seen other picos with "Wanted: Dead or Alive" (must be his friends)on their profiles, too, and they're all from the same anime ;)

  2. Hahah, this is an anime character from One Piece lol. Goodle it and you'll find millions of fansites (and fanfics XD) You guys should really do some research before posting lolz. Sanji you are sooooooooooooo wantedd!! hahah Zosan unite!

  3. Darling its GOOgle. Lol. Yeah, its One Piece anime alright!!! Wanted by marines hahah! WANTED DIED OR ALIVE!! 77,000,000 beli~

  4. Erm, No.2 is Sanji... from One Piece. ^^