Sunday, September 12, 2010

Thank you again, loyal readers!

Thank You, ♥Ericaxx

Who knows how it happened, really. We started a blog and for some reason, people started reading it. All we did was put our blog link in our profiles' URL spot.

I'm sure Peggy's charismatic personality has done a lot towards spreading the word as well.

And the letters and wall notes and fangirling/fanboying began! Peggy tends to get all the "love" mail, and I get the "hate" mail. I'm sure Gem Rock, sweet_mom, Ayuhime and Pinkerton get lots of love too. In fact, if I'm really honest, Pinkerton was a force of nature before he penned his first post.

Now, as a profile URL clicking addict, I see people all the time with the Picostyle blog URL in their profiles. People I don't know! People who I try to take a quick photo of so I can post their Pico with a thank you note on the blog that they're helping to spread the word about. Most times, those people go *poof* before I get the chance to press my PrtSc button.

♥Ericaxx wasn't like that at all.  I noticed her URL links to Picostyle after she propped me in Beginners Plaza. She came up to me, said hi, and asked me where Peggy was - telling me that she met Peggy and Gem Rock at a runway show Gem had in her room.She then announced how bored she was and asked me to come to my room so we would plan a food party.

For some reason, I went along for the ride.

Thanks for the hospitality,  ♥Ericaxx. Thanks for the yummy easter egg you fed me. And thanks for insisting that I add you as a buddy.

And thank you to all the other Picos who are showing us their URL love that we haven't bumped into yet.

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