Saturday, June 5, 2010

Twin Action.

Peggy & Sway.
Peggy & Fruit Salad.

Remember the entry I wrote about doppelgangers and how it would be kinda of an honor to meet one! Fruit Salad, you complete me. She's like the cooler version of Peggy Hill with her punk rocker boots and upper lip liner. Fruity does her hair a bit differently but I totally did a double take when I stopped by her room. Accidental Pico-twin HOTNESS is way kawaii.

But then there are those who are truly devoted...
Twins. Twins.

You always know who they are, the ones who have spent time and gummies/AG to coordinate their looks, appearance, and sometimes... even animations. They are eye catching, sometimes hilariously jaw dropping and more often then not... radiating personality. I can't help it! I can never resist propping twins. How do they get away with this?! Mesmerizing us into propping submission?! Maybe it was just me... I knew I had to investigate.


Meet M. Bogart, he's cool he's slick he's Mortie's better looking twin. He's so slick that he even scored Mortie and him dates to the Pico Prom! Twin dates of course! Aren't they fabulous?


Apparently, there's something special about twin Picos. I'm not sure what it but after this experiment I have learned that I'm not the only one who finds them charming and prop-worthy. Everywhere Mortie and Bogart went they got the props and the rings. They made Peggy look unpopular! I guess it's true, two is always better than one.

To see more twin action visit our Flickr I'm slowly building up my collection of twin photos.

PS: M. Bogart is looking for Facebook friends to trade gifts with! Add him!

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