Sunday, June 6, 2010

How-to: Your guide to affordable prom dresses for Gummie and Token holders

Prom item - Not available (token)We've got 20+ days left for prom fun. You're gearing to go ... but you just have one problem. You don't have the AmebaGold needed to buy the prom dress you've been yearning for.

For ladies who aren't lucky enough to have the AmebaGold (and don't have the option of purchasing it ... ever), that pesky Not available text when you want to purchase a gown with your carefully collected tokens just means you'll have to be a little more creative ... and you need a dress that you can purchase with Gummies or Tokens.

Though you won't be able to buy a dress that's specific to the prom fashion releases, you do have a large selection of good looking non-prom dresses that you can accessorize with prom items.

Let's start thinking about what you can wear.

There are 3 important things to consider.

1. What's already in your closet?
There's no need to spend your hard earned Gummies or Tokens if you have a dress won through Gacha campaigns or received as Facebook gift boxes (e.g. Asakusa, Glitter Princess, Spring Apron Dress or Alice Dress, etc.) that you already love. You may also have 'Accessories', 'Goods' or 'Other' items that will compliment your prom look.

If you find something you like, put it on and start to build your prom style around it. If there's nothing there that  makes you wanna shout ...

2. Is there something in the shop catalog or stores that you can put on?
Pico girls have tons of dresses to choose from. You may have to shop around, but you're sure to find something to wear in the 80+ casual to formal options that are currently available to you.

Frills, bows, belts, sashes; v-neck, halterneck, strapless; pink, white, purple.

You've got choices. Just don't choose the purple belted monster, please.

[»] See all 80+ of your dress choices here.

3. What accessories can you wear?
Shoes are your most important accessory. Next to that, the traditional corsage. Got something bumping around your closet? If not, put those Gummies and Tokens that are burning a hole in your pocket to good use!
Prom accessories you can buy with Gummies:
  • "Dreamy" prom hair clips
  • Rose wrist corsages
Prom accessories you can buy with Tokens:
  • Sidebow headbands
  • Frilly hair ribbons
  • Black or white satin gloves (short, mid-length and long)
  • "Sweet" flower hair clips
  • "Sweet" hand corsages
  • "Sweet" corsages
  • Strappy shoes
  • "Sweet Dolly" pumps
  • "Dreamy Rose" shiny dress shoes
Be inspired!
Need some inspiration for how you can pull off your own prom look on a limited budget? Gain some inspiration below from your fellow Picos!

Above all, be true to your own personal style. Goth/lolita, preppy, bad ass, geek chic, eclectic, bizarre? You can pull it off.

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Affordable prom style

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