Saturday, June 5, 2010

Whispering up some canine obedience

Dog whispering needed
Each time I log in to Pico, I am instantly met with an unhappy squiggle  from Verona, my bratty black puppy. What happened to the days of and after coming home from a long day at work?

Verona refuses to eat or play; she only wants to pace back-and-forth making that little squiggle - what I imagine must be a vague canine obscenities.

I have been plagued by her insolent behavior for about 2 weeks. But now, I'm taking back my space ... and squiggly lines from pixelated dogs aren't welcome.

As a frustrated pet owner, I turned to the authority on rehabilitating dogs and training dog owners to be pack leaders. His advice: take the pooch for a walk. Is it really that simple? Yes.

If you're having issues with your puppy being insolent, just take him/her for a walk outside. Let him or her get some fresh air, romp with other pets and work out some of that pent up energy that's causing the case of the squiggles.

Bad Doggie!

Pets are welcome in any of the Beginners Plaza, West Forest, Park Pond, World Community Park or Nakamise St. rooms.

Hang out until your pet relaxes and comes to you freely and without hesitation when you click any of your tricks buttons (e.g. Pet, Lift Up, Paw, Sit, Lie Down, etc.).  While strolling, if your pup gets hungry , just feed 'em right there in the park.

Taking your pet for a walk is essential! Aside from feedings (premium food is not required, by the way), getting out and spending time with you will increase their 'Mood' and 'Relation.

Dog whispering

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