Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Profiles #4

Yeah, baby. It's about that time where we bring you another look into the innermost beings of your Pico peers - with our own little slant, of course.

Fresh from Peggy's desk ... here we go.

(1) To the person who's name I cannot read or pronounce - may I keep you in my pocket?

Your wax-on-wax-off speech à la Mr. Miyagi is speaking to my heart. I too can conquer Reversi like Daniel LaRusso overcame his adversity with the Crane Kick.

I believe you, sensei. *bow*

(Note: 06/13/2010: Thanks to Froofybutt for letting us know that this gentleman's name is Muffin Man)
Profiles #4

(2) Conan: you are my hero.  If I was ever in trouble you'd be the person I'd call first cause you're the jack of all trades ... but I swear you left out that you're also a barbarian. Perhaps you thought it would taint your image a little. Frankly, I say ... PUT IT IN.  It makes you rough and smexy (and you know girls would just dig that!).

FYI. I'm single.

♥ Peggy

(3) Maybe it doesn't exsist at all? Are you playing mind tricks with me? Using your sniper tactics hoping that I'll be so distracted by your profile you will be able to get away with murder?!

That is a spear.

I am onto you.

FYI, Catero thinks you should refill your zotepine prescription.

(4) Exactly what kind of fruits are selling at this "café where all business deals are done", Mansikka?

It sounds so mysterious. Too mysterious. Suspiciously mysterious.

Like it's a front for something seedy and illicit ... yet quaint. "Mansikka's Bakery & Brothel", maybe - where "take a bite of my buns" takes on a whole new meaning.

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