Monday, June 7, 2010

How-to: Your guide to affordable prom suits for Gummie and Token holders

Prom item - Not available (token)Gents, you do know that you have less clothing options in Pico than the ladies, don't you? And the same is true of prom wear. Whereas the girls have over 80 affordable dresses to choose from, the boys have just over a dozen.

In the time that you have left to dress up and ask out your favorite femme, let's think about what you're going to wear for prom that doesn't have the Not available disclaimer right where the amount of all the Tokens you saved up should be.

Let's look beyond the suits that have been released specifically for prom that require AmebaGold.

Just like the ladies, keep these 3 things in mind ...

1. Look deep into your closet.
You don't have to be a spendthrift to turn heads. Being fiscally responsible 'aint such a bad thing. Search through those mounds of piled up clothes in your closet for goodies you've already got. There's nothing wrong with dressing to impress in something that's not fresh off the shelf.

Already got a suit and some dress shoes in the back of your wardrobe? Put 'em on. If not, count your Gummies and tell your mama that "papa needs a brand new bag".

2. Window shop. Then shop till you drop.
You've got limited options in comparison to the ladies, so, be creative! Take a look at what Pico's shops have to offer you in exchange for your Gummies and Tokens.

[»] See your 10+ of your suit/suit jacket options here.
Tip #1: Don't wanna spend 2,500 Gummies on a suit from the Shop Catalog? Buy a suit jacket for 800 Gummies suit jacket and a one of the 700-Gummie pants from Beginners Plaza ... or a pair of jeans.

Tip #2: Since you have much less to work with feel free to mix it up to stand out from the crowd. Try colorful sneakers or sports shoes.
3. Accessorize.
Pull out that watch you got by default when you signed up for Pico ... unless you recycled it for 10 Gummies when you hit hard times. Shoes are your most important accessory. Next to that, the traditional boutonnières. The simple rosettes ones are very affordable (300 Gummies) ... not to mention the fact that ladies love them on a guy. Shows your strong, yet sensitive side.
Prom accessories you can buy with Gummies:
  • Rose boutonnières
  • Rose wrist corsages
Prom accessories you can buy with Tokens:
  • Black or white satin gloves (short, mid-length and long)
  • "Sweet" hand corsages
  • "Sweet" corsages
  • Leather shoes
Be inspired!
Need some inspiration for how you can pull off your own prom look on a limited budget? Gain some inspiration below from your fellow Picos!

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