Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Caribbean Gacha is back.

Pirate Gacha. Pirate Gacha.
M. Bogart's Room

I can't believe I'm saying this... but dude you guys should totally play Caribbean Gacha at the Caribbean Seaport!!! I was in a positive mood and thought I'd give it another chance because the last time around I got almost nothing good. FIVE MILLION of those colorful barrel seats later... I was fed up NO MORE PIRATE GACHA.

This time around the draw is pretty fair and almost generous! I was even able to decorate M. Bogart's room with these awesome fruit crates I keep winning! Those fruit baskets that aren't for sale... I only won one when Caribbean Gacha first came out... now they are MUCH easier to win and I'm not getting any colorful barrel seats. They've been replaced by the cute luggage... I approve!

Peggy is saying it's okay to play Caribbean Gacha! Regular Gacha is another story...

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