Monday, May 3, 2010

Pico Cribs #6


Hey guys! I'm hanging in my room with my friends the two Johns which is the perfect time to share with you this week's edition of Pico Cribs!


Catero and I both agree that there are just no real date spots in Pico. True you can take them to the Park Pond to see the ducks and feed your fellow Pico players... maybe take in a moonlight stroll along the pirate deck finishing off the night at the bar after a game of Rock, Paper Scissors. But after date #1 WTF are you guys going to do?! You can be like this couple and try cuddling in the Newbie Area but then strange people will take snapshots of you... I know how you feel, I don't like taking boys back to my room too soon either :X I'm a lady!

So I came up with this brilliant idea... Room Crashing. Why not take your date to your favorite rooms to hang out? Just don't get caught and if you do just play it smooth like you weren't just making out on their bed. :X Here are two rooms I'd totally get my date on in (pay attention boys).

Pico Cribs.

ANNA SUI's Restaurant & Bar will definitely impress your date. Tired of your date's food getting eaten while you try to picnic at the Park Pond? Take your date here and and dazzle her with a steak dinner as you get her buzzed on wine. You'll surely get lucky...

Pico Cribs.
Crayon's Room

If you're looking for something more upbeat go to Crayon's Room complete with disco floor! Do the Volcano Dance and you'll sure to make her giggle and win her heart. Nothing makes a girl smile like some silly dance moves especially when they are enhanced by this amazing disco floor!

These two rooms rock my socks off! Can't think of any fun date spots? Give these two rooms a go :)


  1. I like to take my dates to the Stone Age. We can dance around hot flames in animal skins and then eat raw meat. Wicked!!

  2. Hello, I would like to join picostyle. If I can email me at:
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  3. Richelle, thanks for your interest but we are not looking for any new writers.

    Feel free to start your own blog to talk about your own experiences in and opinions of Pico. Find out how to by reading the BLog Life post.