Sunday, September 5, 2010

Blog Life

Couple in Restaurant

Blog life is like Thug Life, except it's less depressing and has a higher level of literacy (hopefully).

Did you know that many Pico players have started blogs about their lives in Pico?
We've come across so many other people who have their own fun blogs to chronicle their Pico adventures and viewpoints. Putting your Pico blog lets curious people who click know about what you have to say.

Here at Picostyle, when we find someone with a (positive) blog that we haven't seen before, we list it under 'Blogs we follow'  on our sidebar to share with the rest of you.

So far we've discovered ... Awesome Pico,  AwsomePico, Best Friend Bears Life♡,  Emily PicoInPicoLogoutMel's Point of ViewMichelley123's blogMust Love GummiesPico CrazyPICOblogPICOdesignPICOfreaksPicoFunPicon Pie!PicoRocksPop PicoRandom PicoThe Peachie Pie, XlogX.

If you have a blog that's not on our list that you'd like us to include on 'Blogs we follow'? Let us know by emailing your URL to

Would you like to start your own personal blog, but you don't know how?
Blogging is easy. There are a bunch of blog services that will host your free blog. Two of the most commonly used are and

To create your blog:
  1. visit or
  2. create an account
  3. name your blog
  4. pick your template
  5. start posting
If you need help with how to use, visit Blogger's YouTube help channel.
If you need help with how to use, visit Wordpress's support site.

Get out there and get writing!

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