Monday, May 3, 2010

It's New. It's HOT!

Dancing w/ the lolitas. Gem.

Meet my new friend Gem Rock! Gem is crazy and it's a real blast hanging out with this chica. Our impromptu Lolita dance party at the Newbie Area was something to be seen! I brought Gem to the Newbie Area so she could buy one of the newest accessory in Pico, the UK Glasses! It's always good to stay up to date with the latest trends and I've been noticing that eye wear is a must in Pico. From eye patches to sun glasses everyone's sportin' and if they're not... chances are they're wearing a hat. My favorite, the knitted beanie! It's super kawaii and I love how once you slip it on you're instantly a top notch fashionista. Don't worry boys, the knitted beanie comes in both bow and non-bow versions, I own both :X

UK Glasses. Knitted Beanies
UK Glasses + Knitted Beanies

Gothic Lolita items are all the rage right now, you can buy these now at the newest shop in downtown NYC, Vivienne's Shop. If you're into the Gothic scene this is the place to get your style on but be prepared to spend Ameba gold coins or tokens since you cannot use gummies to buy these outfits. I'm really happy that Ameba is working on getting us more clothes in Pico and I'm super thankful that a lot of it you can purchase using gummies. Almost everything in Pigg costs real money. It will still be awhile before Pico catches up with Pigg but for now I'm content with what Pico has to offer.

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