Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pico Cribs #3

Pico Stylers.
Peggy here, with fellow Pico-Styler and friend Catero saying, "Hi!" and bringing you this week's edition of Pico Cribs! Remember those kid beds that looked like cars? I always thought it would be kinda cool if my brother had one when we were kids (I would have secretly played in it when no one was looking) but check this out!

Pico Cribs.
choco-mint's Room

choco! You're giving me a chance to live out my dream ;x Next, we have MeiFang's four story pad. Being in this room makes me hungry... first two stories, living space... 3rd and 4th... food storage area? She's saving for quite a rainy day and has organized it rather nicely! I love how she has put up a dividing block wall to separate her kitchen space. I LOVE IT. I kind of want to try to replicate my own version of this in my room. <3

Pico Cribs.
Pico Cribs.
MeiFang's Room

I have come to the conclusion that Pico residents are very resourceful and inventive when it comes to playing with their blocks. When I do my ringing rounds I'm always in awe and find myself saying to myself I've got to try this! It also surprises me that some of you guys are so devoted that you're willing to spend sometimes up to 400 gummies per block just to get the right color and shape. Pico might lack the massive inventory that Pigg has to choose from object-wise but Ameba has really made it possible for Pico users to play with their virtual legos to their hearts' content.

Speaking of furniture! Ameba has just released a bunch of furniture for Pico!!! For Pigg users, this stuff is old news but I'm very happy to see that Ameba is slowly filtering in furniture and goodies from Pigg to Pico. This release is rather girly but there are some uni-sex items too. Be thankful guys, you can buy almost everything with gummies! In Pigg, almost everything has to be paid for with real money. A friend of mine in Pigg and I are in agreement that it must cost tons of dough to have a killer pad in Pigg. Here are some of the ones that have caught my eye.

Fabulous Pads in Pigg
Pigg. Pigg. Pigg. Pigg. Pigg. Picture Perfect.

Crazy huh? I'd list the room owners' names but I can't cut and paste them and they're in Japanese characters so I am at a loss. Anywho, you guys are inspiring! Ameba! Bring more items to Pico, PLEASE!

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