Thursday, April 15, 2010

Liza with a "zee"

Avatars: Queenity
Ladies and gentlemen, yes, you guessed it, Liza Minelli is a fan of Pico ... and as you can see from the photo above, her eyebrows are as fierce as ever.

Even stranger, my friends, was the fact that Minelli look-al-like, Queenity, bumrushed me with exclamations of how pleased she was to meet a black person (the person behind the avatar is a beautician from Spain ... where there are no black people ... ever ... apparently).
Avatars: Queenity (WTF Buddy Request)
Queenity: are you black?
Catero: i consider myself to be more brown
Queenity: i have never met a black before! be my friend!!!
Minelli's carbon copy got jungle fever as quick as the real Minelli drops her hubbies.

Stranger still was the fact that, despite her love for those of the darker persuasion (see her friend request to the right), she cussed out a brown-skinned avatar that asked her for props.

Just as erratic in Pico as real life, Liza.

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