Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pico of the Week(o)! - Aryoichi

For my very first Pico of The Week(o)! I am choosing to introduce you to my new friend, Aryoichi, the politically savvy, ex-emo computer student from Jakarta, Indonesia.

We met in the middle of the street in NYC. I was immediately attracted to his styling fashion sense and rushed over to see if he spoke English and was older than 12 ( a difficult feat sometimes). After exchanging Props, and ASL, we exchanged buddy requests and sat in the street for a chat. It's a good thing virtual NYC doesn't have virtual taxi cabs or we would have been Pico Pancakes.

Aryoichi is 22 years old, tech savvy and uses Pico to meet people from all over the world and practice his English with them. He works in multimedia, creating animation and flash, but hopes to one day be finished with school because studying sucks and honestly, life after school is MUCH better donchathink?

We stopped by his house to check out his progress, he's only logged into Pico a handful of times so the cupboard was pretty bare, but it was totally bachelor pad chic.

He let me know that US President Obama has a very friendly relationship with Indonesia and he hopes that one day he can come visit us here in America. His favorite bands include the likes of The Used, My Chemical Romance and the oddly placed Jason Mraz. He runs a blog about another game called DotA.

We ended the night in my "attic" swapping stories about growing up in our respective hometowns and all the things two very different people from two very different places have strangely in common. And then we passed out.

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