Thursday, April 5, 2012

Poll results: Pico Maintenance

We're approaching the 36 hour mark on Pico's most epic period of server maintenance ever.

Reading comments from the most recent notice of extending the maintenance it seems as though the game came back for a brief moment, but was so laggy that admins has to shut it down again.

People commenting are mad, upset, frustrated and totally out of their minds.

It's been more than a day since Pico went grey. No doubt the situation is a fiasco for Ameba.

When the break first started we asked 'What do you do when Pico is down for maintenance?'. Here are the results so far from our Facebook poll:

For those who keep refreshing the page ... your mouse clicking finger must be really tired. We feel badly for you.

It seems that most people to to other games. Some took the time to comment to tell us which ones:

Why not join in with these guys and gals while Pico is still down?
(My personal fav is The Sims Social. They're constantly adding new stuff and it has never had a maintenance break since I started playing 6 months ago.)

Maybe you could also listen to some music, watch wacky videos on YouTube or read a book while we hunker down and wait for the grey veil of server maintenance to be lifted away.

However you spend your time during the break, have a great day. Hopefully, we'll see you soon in Pico.

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