Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Taking all bets ...

I went to sleep, woke up and Pico is still on maintenance. Wasn't this supposed to be an unscheduled 6 hour break in game play? We're heading to the 12 hour mark in a little while, actually.

It really looks as though the recent GM Games function (which is utter nonsense) has killed Pico. I hope that when the game comes back up - if it does - that this new area will be gone, that some coding error makes implementing it impossible.

As you can imagine people are annoyed. They're taking to the maintenance notice on Facebook to vent their anger and frustration. Do you feel the same?

I've browsed through a bunch of the comments. The best (and most incoherent) rant - by far - was from this girl:

You can thank The Young Gun for digging up this comment. This is the reason you should stay in school and take grammar/spelling seriously, kids.

Maybe we should start taking bets on when "server maintenance". Ameba likes it when kids gamble, right?

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