Thursday, March 29, 2012

Slots, slots and more slots!

Every other week, Ameba Pico greets us with a new slot challenge. Although this might be fun for some -- I find it really frustrating. Why? Well, I know this can help you with earning different clothes and decors. But the downfall is ... well, what about the newbies?

Some (newbies) aren't aware of how the slot campaign works and how you win Casino Dollars (C$) to advance to another challenge and gain prizes. For them, slot challenges look impossible to complete it because of the big amount of C$ you have to win. Apparently they're not familliar with the Auto-clicker Tool that helps you bank C$ very quickly while you're away from the keyboard. Sadly, they just keep ignoring the slot campaigns since they know they can't complete it anyway.

What I'm trying to say is, someday players will get tired of completing every challenge. Also, Pico admins will run out of ideas in making new slot challenge themes. So why don't we get back to the old - but awesome - Pico quests? I think the last time we had one was the ninja quest in Edo.

I wonder why Ameba Pico stopped making quests. Those were fun - and not to mention newbies can play it, too. If Ameba Pico is capable of creating 3 quests, then why not make it 4? 5? 6? Or unlimited? I'm actually willing to bet that 90% of Pico players like quests better than slot challenges (that promise there's 7x winning but it's actually just 5x.)

That's a good idea right there, people.  And I don't know why Ameba Pico likes throwing out their very few good ideas. Instead, they keep their boring and bad ideas that are aimed to make money out of us.

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