Thursday, March 29, 2012

Arabic Park

فاطمة الجميلة (Fatima beautiful)

Ameba Pico community managers - in one of their few ingenious moves - have given us 9 parks where people are encouraged to speak their native language.

Having the language-based parks makes things easy doesn't it? Especially if you're new. You know you can count on being about to relate to people who speak your language. You can count on at least some people who speak English in English Park, Spanish speakers in Spanish Park, Tagalog speakers in Tagalog Park, etc.

But where do players like فاطمة الجميلة (Fatima beautiful) go when they want to connect with other Arabic speakers? Let's face it. Pico can be an isolating place for those looking for friends.

Why is there no Arabic Park?

There is no Arabic Park. Why? There are tons of Arabic-speaking players. I see them all the time. Doesn't that warrant this language group having a park of their own?

There's space for a 10th World Community Park. Let's make Arabic Park happen, Ameba Pico.

In fact, why not just expand and add a couple more languages. I see many Italian and Russian speakers as well.

Is there a language that is "spoken" (typed) often enough in Pico that it should have its own Park?

If you feel strongly enough out this, please write to and tell them how you feel.


  1. Maybe it should have a romanian park... i like talking to people in my language

  2. I have seen quite a few Romanians, Athena. Good idea. ;-) Thanks for commenting.
    - The Instigator