Saturday, March 24, 2012

Back in the atmosphere.

Hello, Picolings. Do you recognize me? I'd be very surprised if you did.

The last time you saw me I looked much different. Well ... a year does bring changes, doesn't it?

On to the big question: why is Picostyle back?

Truthfully ... I don't know! The Loose Cannon - whom most of you know as "Peggy" - has been bugging me for a while, talking about reviving the blog; says she has big plans. Top on her list: Ameba's shortcomings, Gacha hatred and the lack of cute boys.

Peggy finally wore me down. And here we are.

I'm just as curious as you all are to see what's going to be going on here.

There are tons of cute and friendly players in Pico. I think I might focus on bringing their stories to you in short interviews.

A few changes to take note of:
  • We're not posting our Pico names. This time, we'll simply be known as The Loose Cannon and The Instigator ... with occasional posts from The Young Gun (we're hoping). It's a little more Tarantino, don't you think? This is our way of setting a boundary. Of course, you may see us strolling around in Pico. Say hello. But please don't expect an add to our Buddy lists. Thanks.
  • We're keeping the family of writers very small. Managing people is a tough job ... and this blog is supposed to be fun for us. We'll mix it up with guest writers so don't despair.
  • We want to make things more interactive. How exactly that will play out only The Loose Cannon knows --- it's her vision. As always, please send us your drama-free stories and photos:
Hopefully, we can win you back with the wacky content that started this all off. Follow us on Facebook!

Thanks for reading.

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