Friday, March 23, 2012

Ameba Pico language.

To kick things off here's a commentary from a tweenage writer. She's been a great encouragement to Picostyle and we're hoping this is the first of many posts she'll contribute to the blog. We simply call her "The Young Gun". - The Picostyle Team

Every day we travel around the game, searching for props, doing our daily ring backs and greeting our buddies. But seriously, how hard is it to complete your sentences with a period? I mean, the game's amazing and stuff. But are the players aware of how they speak inside the game?

It's necessary for you to write and speak in correct grammar. Not only will it make you look smart, but it keeps the place's chat box neat.

No one would appreciate people typing LYK DIS or lIke ThIS. Yes, we can say it saves time to type in shortcuts. Besides, this is the internet. It should already be natural to use shortcuts like, brb, gtg, btw, etc. But it only costs 3 seconds to complete your sentences with proper capitalization, correct grammar and of course-- spelling.

Here are a few funny things I;ve noticed about the language we use in Ameba Pico:
  • lol is used even when the person isn't really laughing. It's overused to the point where it is now just an expression of being speechless. And what's worse is that people are putting along unnecessary letters like lolz, lolsxz, etc.
  • afk is a reasonable shortcut to use ... but there are some people that can't understand what it means. I've tried telling this to my close friends in real life, and they don't know its meaning. So chances are, a lot of players aren't aware of this word.
  • curse words your mother would not approve of. Unfortunately, this game has been open to several curses like The F Word -- as well as swearing in non-English languages. The F Word can be used in any type of sentence. Though it gets filtered, players still find a way to use it.
Sure, using these words are much more convenient. But if you want to look smart and neat, I suggest you better start cleaning your vocabulary and fixing your punctuation. After all, it isn't so hard to do it.

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