Wednesday, March 28, 2012

AG Elitists?

Written by: The Advocate, guest writer

Many Pico players are what I call "AG Elitists". Because they purchase Ameba Gold they think that they own Pico and that they're better than everyone. But how come? To enjoy a good life Picos simply need to be happy for the things you have in Pico that money can't buy: great friends with good hearts, fun times, a little space (room) of your own, etc.

Is AG really needed to enjoy Pico? ...
Players who live with this elitist attitude believe that wearing clothing and furnishing their rooms with decor bought with Ameba Gold is what makes time in Pico worthwhile. It's really not.
  • There's nothing wrong with owning things that you like. But remember!: those things don't make you a better person. Owning virtual items in a game isn't more useful to your life. When a Pico looks down on another because they don't own AG items, it all becomes a big waste of money. It would be better for them to buy real food with that money instead.
  • The way AG Elitists look at Pico life can be hurtful to others. Some AG Elitists call others who don't have AG "poor b*tches" and things that are much worse. What a horrible way to act towards others! Not to mention that is it against Ameba's Terms of Service to harass others.
  • There are a lot of great things you can buy with Gummies or Tokens. AG isn't absolutely needed to buy and own some nice items. And ... with Gummies and Tokens you actually have to earn them; save up and buy them. For people who - for whatever reason - can't buy AG, this is really practical. Some people choose not to waste money on this game. 

Why do some Picos always wear AG clothes? For Picos who have a bad attitude this means ...
  • They want to prove that they're rich. This really means that they are arrogant and insecure. Maybe they feel that there is no good part of their personality that people will like ... so they think having AG things will make them likeable.
  • They want a boy or girl to tell them that they are "pretty or handsome".  Style is what you have. Not what you buy.
  • They want others to be jealous of them and what they have.
  • They are looking for a reason to make themselves feel - somehow - better than others ("elitists").
Players like me a quite happy to have clothing and decor items - even actions! - that we cost Gummies or Tokens. These things are nice and simple. "Nice and simple" is my preference and I like saving up and buying these items. Of course, if you have Gummies and Tokens you can't buy everything that Pico has to offer, but it doesn't affect how much you can enjoy the game. In the same way not all items in Pico can by bought with AG. Have you noticed that?

Why spend your time daydreaming about AG and all the things you can buy with it? This type of thinking could lead to becoming arrogant, mean, and putting yourself at a distance from other people. These ideas of "richness" and "wealth" are just silly.

Let's focus on being good people and having fun - however you choose to spend your money or time.

Thank you for reading.


  1. So I guess I'm a bad person because I have a teleporter :(

  2. I wear AG items, but because I just simply like them. I see no problem with people who don't buy AG. Everyone is equal, and I think everyone should respect that.