Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What To Spend Tokens On

Hey! It's Ora again!

I hope you guys are having a marvelous week! Mine is OK, but it is filled with schooling and many tests. Anywho ...

I always have the hardest times to find something to buy with a Token! I wanted to create this post for the many struggling people on Pico that constantly look for something to buy with them little coupons.

If you want to buy something for your room ...

You should go to Ikeya in the Jokamachi room (to me, this name seems like a joke on the world wide Ikea furniture store!), in case you want to buy some little thing like a wardrobe or pretty table, or maybe some flowers.

Maybe you would like some clothing? I would say, go to NYC Downtown. They have very nice clothing stores and shops. I personally like Rinarina... even though she has nothing good enough to buy for Token ... hahaha! But maybe if you have a few extra AmebaGold you can buy from her! (And also Shibuya is good ... ;D )

At Shibuya

Picture of Rinarina. Sorry that it's the catalog pic., a fellow
nudist would not move. >3>

But all in all, if you're looking for something new - the basic option is to go to Shop (the Shop order catalog).

Happy March Everyone!

Huggles and Kisses!


  1. Great post, BB! I always have a hard time choosing what to use my tokens on~

  2. Pozdrawia Ciebie Grzegorz z Warszawy życząc szczęśliwego życia dłuższego od wieku najstarszych drzew.

  3. Thanks Ayu bb!!
    And... spammer... ? <_____< Strange. Where'd they come from? Picostyle was *possibly* spam free... >___>

  4. LOL, Ora! Look @ spammer's profile. Click.I left it there for you to enjoy.

  5. @Catero

    LOLOLOL It's the blog of a pope!!! Ha... >_____> But I still lol'ed. I can't believe he somehow found us to spam on.