Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Tale of a Tail ... of NO Tail.

Piggy, I have fallen hard for you. The allure of fishing is strong and I am weak to it's temptation ...

You have wooed me good, Piggy! But why must you make it so hard to win prizes?! I do not approve, Ameba ... GIVE ME THE GOODIES!

I have invested way too much time in Pigg fishing ... it's almost embarrassing. -sigh- What is a girl to do?! Copico, tell me your secrets?! Don't be so modest about your fishing skills, I see the award in your room.

Look at her mad skills ... as I just stand there floundering ...

Pantsless fov is no help to me either. Clearly, he is only here to distract me from my mission: to win the coveted turtle in hopes of gaining some pretty kawaii clothing prizes.

UGH. PIGGY, LOVE ME! I want to win some items! There is not much time left!! -insert Pico whine here-

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