Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sitting tight in the Ooku Hallway

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Hello! This is ten.ten.! Recently I have been taking time out once a day to lend my Pico behind in the Ooku Hallway! The Ooku Hallway is in the time machine’s Edo category. Many Pico’s are familiar with this infamous area as it is the next to the last star in our Pico Guide journal. To meet the Edo lord, 27-30 Picos need to stay seated on one of the red cushions. If only it were that simple!

With that being said this area is a huge troll magnet! You have 2 types of trolls that frequent the Ooku Hallway:
  • those who will only sit if they obtain a certain number of props; and
  • those who will not sit no matter how many times you ask them to sit.
Troubles in the Ooku Hallway 01

You can easily overcome the first troll. I suggest you prop them; it is that simple. I understand that you don’t want to reward their bad behavior. However, it is a win-win situation. There are two possible outcomes, both of which are in your favor:
  1. they obtain the desired amount of props and sit; or
  2. they obtain the amount of props and leave.
Troubles in the Ooku Hallway 02

If they sit, then that’s 1 Pico closer to meeting the Edo Lord. If they leave then that makes room for another Pico who may actually play by the rules.

The second troll is a little bit harder to overcome as they feed off of your attention and annoyed reactions. With the second troll you can try to beat them at their own game by in turn annoying them until they leave (not recommended), or sit patiently and ignore any behavior they are showing.

Troubles in the Ooku Hallway 03

It’s a game of patience and my tip for you is to stay seated, open another webpage and surf the web. Check back every couple minutes to wake your Pico and check your star guide. I suggest you never give up nor stoop to their level. In the end you'll be victorious; it might just take a while. Also to those who have already obtained a star please help a fellow Pico out by lending a hand ... err I mean butt.

Note: Thank You to [0OoOo0] for being my Pico model.

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