Friday, March 11, 2011

Questions and answers about the blog closing

Since last month's announcement that Picostyle will stop churning out posts as of March 23, 2011, Ayuhime, Peggy and I have gotten quite a few questions from readers about why the blog is closing. Even sweet_mom has gotten questions about it ... even though she no longer writes for this blog!

To clear it up, I'll answer the most frequently asked ones ...

Why is Picostyle closing?
Everyone who plays Pico logs on during their leisure time to do something fun. I started Picostyle as a fun distraction in March of last year. Since that time it's become a lot of work and it's stopped being as fun for me as when I first started.

I'd rather spend my time doing something fun in my spare time. Wouldn't you?

So, for that reason, the blog will stop producing posts to leave time for fun pursuits.

Why don't you hand over Picostyle to Ayuhime, Gem Rock, Peggy Hill or Pinkerton?
I considered giving over the blog to someone else when I decided to close the blog. Obviously, it's not the option I chose.

This blog is something I started and it will be something that I chose to end.

Ayuhime, Gem Rock, Peggy Hill and Pinkerton are definitely talented enough to branch off to start their own Pico blogs on their own steam, if they so choose. It is something that we discussed as a team and we will keep you informed of whether Picostyle team members will be starting their own blogs in the near future.

Will the blog be deleted?
No. The blog will not disappear. Picostyle will remain public and you will be able to go back and read the old posts.

After March 23, 2011 no more new Picostyle posts will be published and comments will be closed ... though, I may use the blog to update you about any Pico blogs the other writers may start so that you can follow those.

What will happen to the Facebook group?
The Facebook group will remain open. If Picostyle writers choose to start up new blogs, we will use the Facebook groups to link you to new posts on those blogs.

Aren't you concerned that you're disappointing your fans?
Of course I am concerned about disappointing fans, but a life lived to please other people is no life at all.

What will happen to the Picostyle writers after March 23, 2011?
The simple answer is that we will enjoy the time we spend in Pico.
  • Ayuhime and Ora18 have something in the works that we will notify you of at a later date.
  • Catero will continue to write on the Pico Perfect blog.
  • Gem Rock is taking some much-needed time off.
  • Peggy will take time off and travel around the world and break hearts in every port.
  • Pinkerton's next move is shrouded in mystery.
Please ask any other questions you have in comments, as long as they are appropriate they will be answered; otherwise, they will be ignored or deleted.


  1. My dear Cat,
    I'm so upset! My birthday is two days after the blog closes down! I love pico style, I hope you have amazing success with your writing in other blogs such as Pico Perfect.
    BTW, we should catch up on pico again, maybe on my birthday?

    Love always,

  2. Peggy will take time off and travel around the world and break hearts in every port.

    How did I miss this? That's indeed how I'm going to spend my time after Picostyle closes. First stop, Asia, watch out my brown eyed men... Peggy Hill is going to woo you.