Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Piggy Rage.

You can't tell from this picture but I'm really upset. So upset that I did not earn enough ame to buy this pink space suit that sweet_mom and Catero are wearing. I was nearly there 409 ame (Gummies) ... when they raised the price from 500 ame to 3,000 ame. WHY AMEBA WHY?!

My kawaii space dreams. :(


So I spend my ame... Avril Lavigne blocks and doll seems like a good investment! Piggy, me no likey you so much right now.


  1. teehee
    you are cute
    what are you playing?
    that looks like way too much fun!

    <3 Melissa

  2. Poor Peggy... ... Honestly, I don't like Pigg neither... Too complicated XD

  3. Don't worry my sweet Peggy, you can borrow my Space Suit ANYTIME ;-) Love You XOXOX

  4. @ hellomissa, Peggy was sleep deprived when she wrote this. This name is Ameba Pigg. It is the older, Japanese-language version of Pigg.