Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Hangover starring Peggy

The Hangover 01

This past weekend Peggy went on a bender (drinking binge) of epic proportions.

After stumbling into starvingartist's room in Pigg Peggy passed out in our warm host's room, mumbling about frat boys, sangria and HBO. Totally undistinguishable stuff.

The Hangover 02Peggy hunkered down shirtless in starvingartist's hot tub wearing only her underwear over her pants and a pink beanie. Her little baby hands were tightly clasped around a smiley lollipop.

Occasionally, Peggy would interrupt the chat that starvingartist and I were having about our favourite animated television shows. Without warning she'd twitch and blurt out something incoherent.

Eventually, we had to wrap her up in a blanket and send her home in a cab.

What was she celebrating? I'm not sure, but I think it was less of a celebration and more of a drowning of her sorrows after watching the American version of the popular British series Being Human. It's a complete and utter travesty.

Peggy, I hear your cry for help!

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