Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Deprived of Clothings?

Yes, you heard that.

First of all, I'd like to wish all those ladies a *late*.... Happy International Woman's Day!  <3

And back to the subject. It's already March and we still have the winter clothes. Nope, no Spring clothes even though MANY of us already despise winter.

The coats are still being sold, the boots are still being worn. Isn't time to switch to the 50's (in Fahrenheit of course!)?

These fashion statements enrage me. Engrage me to the point of using a meme.

And as I said, the boots are still being worn. Isn't it March, people!?!? We should be out frolicking in the fields of butterflies and candy canes, and pretty little daisies. I guess Pico is being realistic, and saying "Well, it gets only up to 50 in early March". But, I do not approve.

It's ironically hot.

Pico staff, I am awaiting some spring/summer clothes.

Huggles and kisses,

A Warning About Hackers:
On a side note: I have heard from Caмbria that there is a hacker lurking on Pico. He/she is hacking the rooms of the top 30 Pico rooms. I just wanted to make this side note so you guys can be safe.

Caмbria and I have both locked our rooms to be safe. I advise you guys to do the same, maybe not lock it so no one can enter, but just lock it so only your friends can enter.

You must agree that it is better to sacrifice a few rings rather than sacrificing a few clothes, AmebaGold money, room decor items, etc.

I think that the March 10th server maintenance is basically for finding who is the hacker, and stopping them.

Stay safe, guys! <3