Friday, February 18, 2011

Profiles #29 & #30

Themes, themes, themes and more themes! It's impossible for us to not notice trends these days as we click on the cute little Picos we encounter on our travels. Enjoy!

Theme: Japanese Typonese

We've grouped these typonese profiles together because they're all absolutely adorable. C'mon! How can you not get all kawaii fuzzy inside when you read them. Regardless of how inadvertently crude and offensive they may be ("plops"? "cocking"?), they're undeniably cute.

We also think they may have coined some new combination words:
  • Japanease: (noun) the state of being easily Japanese
  • Japabese: (adjecive): the state of being Japanese and obese
Profiles #29

Theme: The Crazies

(1) Are you saying that you're so magnanimous that you'll charm the hair right off of our scalps? Or are you threatening that a conversation with you will make us want to pull out hair out?

Either way, Locks of Love will help us out in the end.
Profiles #30

(2) Seeing things that don't exists, paranoia and being punished with bodily fluids, huh? This is an equation that would give Freud and Jung volumes to write about.

You're far too young to be plagued with such fictional candy-related problems.

Peggy and Catero say, take 2 jellybeans and call us in the morning.

(3) The gentleman doth protest too much, methinks.

We're on to you.

  1. You've chosen "killer" as your name
  2. You refer to women as "babes"
  3. You're wearing pink shoes

You're a player! You're just not doing a very good job of hiding what you truly are.

(4) This little comedienne working her way through the funeral circuit is a bit macabre.

Honestly, who are you kidding? Funerals haven't been any fun since the time Dana Carvey's Hollywood career was buried by The Master of Disguise.