Friday, February 18, 2011

Celebrity Sightings: For Kicks Edition

Since Pinkerton has been busy and missing-in-action for some time, I decided to pick up his torch and move on with another instalment of Celebrity Sightings - mainly because ZEON ♥(´ε` ) took the time to send us some of his own sightings and I didn't want to let his efforts go unseen.

Today, we feature three well-known "killer" personalities who will either kill you with their cuteness, humor, or plain ol' butt kickery.

Photo submitted by ZEON ♥(´ε` )
Celebrity Sightings: Pucca
Captured in one of the rare moments that she was not trying to steal a kiss from the object of her affection, Garu, this Pucca lookalike sports the iconic "dango" hairstyle of the original cutie.

Pucca is a Korean internet sensation that has won over audiences all over the world with her sweet, silent disposition - not to mention her tendency to inadvertently one-up her crush, Garu, when battling for a precious kiss.

In a similar fashion, Pico's PUCCA™ won over hearts when she visitied World Community Parks wearing her signature red clothing, leaving only the unanswered question of 'Where is Garu?'.

Russell Brand
Photo submitted by ZEON ♥(´ε` )
Celebrity Sightings: Russell Brand
It's literally impossible to capture the wit, weirdness and sheer WTF that is Russell Brand. He's multi-talented - an actor, author, columnist, comedian, radio and television presenter, singer and father of the bizarre bird nest hairstyle.

The Pico known as Russel Brand<3 makes a valiant attempt, even adopting Brand's gothic Willy Wonka fashion sense ... but spellsg his name wrong (there are 2 l's in Russell, darling).

With Russell's larger-than-life personality, it's no wonder that park-goers flocked around him, just trying to get close to the electrifying "Mr. Katy Perry".

I just hope that Russel Brand<3 doesn't try to duplicate some of the unsavoury parts of his namesake's troubled past.

"Alice" from Resident Evil
Celebrity Sightings: Alice from Resident Evil
Having escaped from the Umbrella Corporation with a few cuts and scratches - and a severely sweaty dress - Resident Evil's Alice takes a stroll in the park, on the look-out for errant mutants to slay.

Wearing her Red Hero dress and black combat boots (as worn in the Resident Evil: Apocalypse film), Resident:อลิซ pulled out an array of weapons - just like the fictional Alice - though a Heckler & Koch MP5K submachine guns were nowhere to be seen.

Hopping around the room she engaged other Picos in martial arts and other combat manoeuvres in an attempt to weed out the "goodies" from the "baddies".

Be careful when you come across her, Picos. She armed, dangerous and - most deadly - is probably just as poor an actress as Mila Jovovich.


  1. Thanks, Ayu. ^^ Was nervous to try and fill in Pinkerton's shoe with Celebrity Sightings.

  2. Scary... the very night I read this post Mila came on Russian TV. WEIRD. They're following my every move!