Friday, February 4, 2011

Profiles #27 and 28

Giving you 2-for-1 as far as Profiles continues this week with girls, girls, girls. Good girls and bad girls, that is.

Will the trend continue into next week? We're unsure. Just sit back, enjoy the ride and live in the moment.

Theme: Good Girls

(1) We can understand that people who want to keep a low profile want to avoid drama, live peacefully and not get caught up in frivolous socialization. We commend you for that.

But, honey, you can't go anywhere in that outfit and keep a low profile.
Profiles #27 - Good Girls

(2) Hey, Anslee Jane, we both enjoy a Big Mac every now and again. Peggy says, don't overdo it on McDonald's if you ever hope to find your true Mac Daddy some day.

(3) We love Canadians. So polite and unassuming with their down-homey accents and love of ice sports and coffee franchises named after hockey players (Tim Hortons).

(4) Peggy is asounded by the wisdom in these 4 little (English) words in your profile. She gives you kudos.

This personal motto will save you many days and nights of personal frustration. Save your sanity!

Theme: Bad Girls

(1) Photo submitted by ☮♥Sammi♥☮.

This makes me feel like she's a 15 year old who wants to be in the band when her parents want her to study and become a doctor. And she got signed, ran away on tour and her parents just found out. It's the perfect storyline for a Disney made-for-TV movie ... starring Sammy, of course.

Love, Peggy
Profiles #28 - Bad Girls

(2) You thought that it was only Cobra Starship that could make "Good Girls Go Bad". Apparently, in Pico Gacha has this ability as well ... Peggy should know.

(3) It's Ameba Pico ... not Second Life. Go shake your money maker over there, party girl (that is, if you're over over 18). You'll find what you're lookin' for.

(4) Photo and caption submitted by Cristina♫Apple: "Excuse me, Madam. But I think you got drunk with the wrong liquor."

Peggy and Catero say: We can't figure out if she's trying to say she's a "sexy chick" or that she's "sexy thick" the "t" is throwing it all off for us.

Either way, her bad spelling of a naughty sentence has landed her here at the back of the class with all the bad students.

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