Thursday, February 3, 2011

Meeting Cici A.r

Meeting Cici A.r

Last night I was sitting in the corner of one of the casino rooms playing slots with sweet_mom when a girl in her undies came up to me. Cici A.r!

(23:38) Cici A.r: catero
(23:38) Catero: yes?
(23:39) Cici A.r: i like ur blog
(23:39) Cici A.r: i fllw u
(23:39) Cici A.r: nice
(23:40) Catero: thanks

I followed her blog to and we ended up sending a few letters back and forth. She wished me a Happy Chinese New Year with a very gracious "Gōng xǐ fā cái" (even though neither of us celebrate it!), which was very polite of her.

Cici A.r is from Indonesia and she has her own blog in Indonesian and English, Cici Pico. Lately, she seems to be ranting A LOT about how much she hates slots .... but I met her playing slots. She's a conflicted woman right now, admitting that she has a love/hate relationship with the slot machine lately. Don't we all? I think if I get another "0" as the fourth number in Bonus Time I am going to scream.

Cici, I feel your pain!

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