Monday, February 7, 2011

Love Week: Inventory Expansion!

Hello my dear Pico friends!

I am so sorry I've been M.I.A. for so long! I've just been a bit busy and also suffering from a blogging dry spell. But of course I had to come back for Picostyle's Love Week!

Ameba has really been going nuts with Pico. With all the improvements they've implemented it's really hard to pick just one thing to praise. But I really feel like I should follow up on my topic for Rant Week because it is truly a topic near and dear to my heart.

I have deleted SO many things over the past few months. Agonising and crying over each item I've recycled so that I could purchase something new or just to spin gacha. Well, those dark days are over! Ameba increased our decor and clothing inventory last month from 300 to 500 items!

I am rolling around in my new closet space, picking out new shoes to purchase and spinning Gacha like crazy to win all the cute Valentine items!

I could kiss you Ameba, thank you thank you thank you!

It's really nice to not have to delete anymore of my beloved items.

PS: Catero doesn't know that I've put this in... but how can I not recognise my very dear friend on Love Week?! I love this butthead!

He means a great deal to me <3 Go check out the Valentine's Day stuff... it's like Ameba puked up rainbows and puppies. Look how cute we are!

Guess what? We want to hear from you, our faithful readers. That's right! Send us a short description* (250 word maximum) and send a photo that illustrates what you love the most about your Pico life and we'll post all of the Love Notes we receive at the close of our Love Week festivities - giving you full credit as writer and photographer, of course.

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  1. Peggy, you are so right. Catero is a complete butthead but definitely lovable. <3

  2. Yeah, he's a total butthead <3

  3. Hhaha, I'm no where near close to the inventory limit but I can imagine how much it would suck recycle something you don't want to T_T! Thanks for sharing! You both look so cute in the Valentine's items!

  4. Why are you bullying me, Strawberry and Peggy? It's LOVE WEEK!

    Thanks for putting us back on topic, ten.ten. :-D