Sunday, October 3, 2010

Rant Week: Day 1 - Inventory Woes

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Hello Pico Friends!

I, Peggy am delighted to kick off Picostyle's RANT WEEK! For one week only your fellow Picostylers will be moaning and groaning for your entertainment about everything Pico that drives us just batty!

So to get this party started... lemme tell you about my love for fashion. I love love love all things I can wear, layer, snuggle my body in. Accessories, wigs, clothes... and of course... SHOES! I needs to have it all... and true to my real-life self, Peggy needs to have it all as well.

Check out several of my looks:

Fashion Fashion Fashion

Up until about maybe two months ago, I was a very happy Pico hoarding all things cute. You see, if I like something I will buy it in multiple colors. Just in case you know? I like options! Well, this has come back to bite me in the ass. Two months ago I maxed out my inventory! That's right, I used all 300 slots ...

Rant Week. Rant Week.

I really feel there should at least be an option to expand your inventory if Ameba isn't going to offer unlimited space. I totally get that maybe it's a server space issue or what not but if Pico residents are willing to pay extra whether it be in Gummies or Ameba Gold ... PLEASE GIVE US SOME SORT OF INVENTORY EXPANSION!

Lately, I find myself crying as I delete items to make room for all the new goodies that Ameba is releasing ... Pico fashion is finally slowly catching up with Pigg and I'm really sad that in order for me to be able to keep up with the times I gotta delete what may someday become Pico vintage wear :( I feel it's kinda a blessing and a curse that Gacha gives out clothing. I mean I love when I win an item that I normally would overlook but if there is going to be an inventory cap maybe they should do away with clothing prizes and just FYI: deleting doubles does not lower your inventory count!

Rant Week.

So there you have it ... that's my rant. Ameba, stop being stingy! Gimmie more inventory space!!! -cries-

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