Tuesday, February 1, 2011


So, how many of you are living in the casino right now? Since the beginning of the Super Lucky Slot Campaign, I've gone from about 1000 casino money to 12,000 casino money in just three days. It is VERY easy to win at the slots, especially since the winnings are now worth x5 the normal amount. Finally, our insane wishes of getting a pet tiger are less unfathomable! Now if only I could win the Jackpot...

Who can resist?
Don't even mention bonus rounds, phew! Although, I am noticing more 0s in the present boxes than usual...
I always seem to get "0" as my first number... coincidence?

What Casino item are you saving to buy? I really want the Peacock outfit, but I won't be picky if I get the Jackpot ;)


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  1. WOAH how many casino dollars does that credit amount make?

    Thats one thing I dont like about the casino, you feel like youre earning loads from credits and it equals a lot less dollars
    Though Im nearing 20,000CD at the moment and I dont know what to buy lol
    Part of me is thnking just save FOREVER until I can get the tiger or segway thing haha

  2. Ayu, I have been ranting all week about how the last number I get for "Bonus Time" is usually a zero. I hate it! :-P

  3. i started with 400 C$. i now have 220,000 and counting ;) AutoClick is my friend...

  4. @Samispoon: Just remove the last two numbers in the credits and that's how much you have :)

  5. @Catero: I hate it too.And I don't think we are the only one. XD